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Website Blog / Internet Blogging

Your Website Blog could have a huge impact on your website rankings on the internet search engines.

Blogging is very similar to adding a page to your website because continuously adding content keeps your website current with search engines. It's unlikely for a website that hasn't been touched for 2 years to show up at all even if the keyword is a direct match.

1) Have your web master set you up so you can add blog posts

2) Write blog posts and give them to your webster to add if they won't set you up

3) Create your own blog in your Google account and add posts weekly with links to your website pages

The Google blog is considered an "External Blog" which means it's separate from your website. It works the same as long as you add links to each post with keywords your website is targeting.

Let us do the work! We'll add an External Blog for you.

What you get:
Blog Creation
300-400 word blog post to start
2 Links to your website in the blog post with meta tags targeting your keywords

For $99
We'll create the blog and add 5 blog posts (One per week)

Blog Creation